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*   The Rococo style of French antique furniture began in the 18th century. It came about as a result of the Baroque artists of the time casting aside their obsession with symmetry and turning to a more aqueous and lucid style. They began focusing on interiors of palatial French mansions         of Louis XV’s reign and into the beginning of Louis XVI’s.
*    Lots of people love the aged, old, battered, shabby chic look on French furniture, something that gives the piece a used feeling to it.

*      For those antique furniture items that do not already have this with it, either because they are too new or they are too pristine, the look can be created in lots of different ways. The term used for making something look older or more worn, is one I absolutely adore, it is called             ‘distressing.’ LE CHATEAU's paint finish is as such, layers and time consuming to create a real weathered look rather than a flat white spray or plain paint. When the carving is real and the woods are fine... the detail comes alive through these layers just like patina does with time:)


Whether your home is a small apartment, a grand chateau, or anything in-between, French Country or modern a lot of designers & decorators have fallen in love with this style. 

Here are some tips to make your home French inspired:

*   Arrange your furniture imaginatively.
You will be amazed that the items you love are the ones that will work together, they don’t have to be alike or part of a set.
Don’t worry about ‘matching’ follow your true preferences.
*   Have at least one or two (or three) grand ORIGINAL antique pieces, nothing compares, be it a fabulous salon bench, a Louis chair, a gorgeous Armoire or a gilt mantle mirror.
*   Nothing evokes the French feel more than a crystal CHANDELIER. Put it on a dimmer to create instant ambiance.
*   Add a photo collage in weathered frames, candleholders of varying heights or a beautiful hand painted frameless canvass for a soft 'panelled' finish. Very typically French!
*   Accessorize with items with history or that tell a story. Items from your favorite one-of-a-kind shop or those beautiful treasures you’ve collected from your travels.
*  Keep colour pure. Neutrals; Linens, dusty pinks, stones, grays, duck egg colors are all musts for French decorating.
If you enjoy more saturated colours - introduce these with accessories and cushions.

The French style has evolved into modern times.
I hope these tips will help you achieve a little bit of France wherever you are!
There’s no denying, with so much inherent flair and history,
French furniture is not about fashion, it is here to stay.

Warm regards 


An ORIGINAL ANTIQUE ARMOIRE is the staple of French decoration. The “WOW” factor.
In particular, the late 1800 Louis XV and XVI armoires in walnut, oak or painted.
At only a fraction of the price more than mass-produced copies, the original radiates character, luxury, fine rich wood, and detailed hand carving and presence with a far more retainable value too.

Armoires are not only majestic & beautiful, they also offer great storage space and can be used in every room in your home.
In your child’s room for toys or clothes.
Kitchen, to and add extra storage space for, dishes,
cups and wine glasses
They make Ideal linen cupboards.
Use one to store your television in the family room or bedroom or in your bathroom for towels and bottles.
Other areas include the dinning room, as a drinks cabinet or in an entrance hall as a grand welcoming piece.

They usually boast thick shapely beveled mirrors, which can be changed to glass transforming it into a gorgeous display unit. You can also include internal lighting as an added showcasing feature.

Decorating around an armoire is also very rewarding because it helps to secure the interior as the focal point in
the room. The armoire will blend with the rest of the space without ever camouflaging its majestic features.

An antique armoire is always my first choice furniture piece to ground a space.
I do believe no place is more deserving than home.
Didi ☺

CHANDELIERS – always the best idea!

Chandeliers have always been the heart of a room, their presence adding ambiance and intimacy to any space.

These exquisite ceiling light fixtures are not only at their best in the traditional European settings.
A crystal chandelier can give you a striking eclectic look over the most stark and modern table too.
The diversity of size – a lamp, wall sconce, one globe to 36 globe hanging fitting - in all shapes, budgets and finishes present the most versatile of options for all interiors, stores, restaurants, shops and hallways for a looking of warmth and luxury.

For getting the most out of your chandelier:

* it must hang low over a table.
* a dimmer switch is a must for adjustable light and ambiance.
* use clear globes that ‘disappear’ when off and glow when on.
  The clear twisted candle style are a favorite. (we stock these too)
* Don’t worry about the light fitting size as much as its beauty and appeal. A huge entrance does not need a huge chandelier as much a beautiful chandelier which might be a lot smaller than expected, hung low over an occasional or loo table - more focal - the special show piece and        ultimate welcome.

The chandelier is for me, the start, focus and completion of your room.
The ‘must have’.
A chandelier wont date and will always reflect its surrounds - the life and atmosphere of togetherness and celebration. ☺


A salon chair... pretty, yet solid and useful - guilded, walnut, rosewood, oak or layered paint work as additional seating in the living room and infuse the European real in the bedroom and bathrooms that afford some space.
Its comfort and beauty in one - a good choice for keeps. 
I always look for these on my hunt  - not always that easy to come by - but worth it. 
Look under chairs on our web ... and enjoy.


Mirror mirror on the wall.. you are the best way to reflect and integrate space.
All shapes and sizes. Old or new. Alone or in clusters.
Mirrors always work.

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