Exclusive Chateau Collection

Didi is a qualified interior designer with over 20 years experience in retail from the Parisian style store Didi decor of Hyde Park to the three storey Le Chateau, Chateau Warehouse and the curation of Chateau Emporium.

Her passion is creating, sourcing and supplying beautiful furniture and more, to the public and trade which has now culminated in the opportunity to order her collections.

The classic Chateau furniture range is available on order in the raw with the options of finishing each piece to tell your very own home story. This is creatively exciting and sets the range apart as each piece will be entirely unique to suit your home.
Since recent shopping trends and mass production have taken both relationship and bespoke products out of our homes, Didi’s passion is specifically to bring the personal factor right back. The collection upholds the quality of traditional methods of manufacture and hand carving which are now almost obsolete in their true craft and it’s affordable.
Choose your colours and your fabrics and the result is entirely authentic to suit your castle.
Further to this, feel free to chat directly to Didi for ideas or referrals for finishes.
Whether you prefer to compliment a stark, minimalistic interior or add to the warmth of French country chic there is something for everyone.

The signature look of the collection is the French style, which has proven through the ages to complement every style of interiors.
This collection boasts character and is functional too whilst keeping you, the individual, in mind.
It is a simple process to order and the results are timeless to translate well from season to season in your home.
Didi will always advise to make the fashion changes with your soft finishes and choose furniture that is beautiful, made with care and remains your unique keepsake, never passé.


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“Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” William Morris.
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“Your home should tell your story and reflect a collection of what you love, put together under one roof” Didi
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"If your home is serving you well, it is a safe harbor from the storms of life - a space to relax, rest, and connect in meaningful ways with loved ones and friends." Joshua Becker
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